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At  R M FOODS, best quality groundnuts are procured and hand sorted at the primary stage, and further roasted in an uniform way to gain the exact aroma and colour which is required for producing Peanut Butter, then the roasted peanuts are sorted in a BUHLER Colour Sortex Machine-UK.  

Finest quality roasted peanuts are passed through a strong Metal Detector to further remove Ferrous & Non-Ferrous metal contaminations. 

Stabilizers, Salt and sugar is added as per the customer’s requirements, then this mixture is crushed in a Primary Grinding Mill and then further passed through a Secondary URSCHELL-USA,  grinding mill to make it a fine paste, which is known as PEANUT BUTTER.

Why We Should Choose Nutberry Peanut Butter ?

Gain Energy : Peanut butter in as a breakfast gives lot of energy

Make Strong Bone : Peanut butter has a lot of calcium, so offer it to children to make their strong bone.

Increase Brain Vitality : Peanut butter is a super nutritious food , so advisable to eat daily once I day to gain brain vitality.

Increase Diet : Peanut butter is flourished with protein, carbohydrate and calcium so it good source to increase diet.

Control Obesity : Consuming peanut butter as a daily diet controls the problems of overweight and obesity.

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Peanut Butter

Peanut Butter

Chocolate Peanut Butter

Peanuts Paste

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